Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Burrard-Lucas wildlife Photography Blog

I recently came across the blog of William & Matthew Burrard-Lucas. They are brothers and both share the love of photography. They focus on Travel, Nature, Wildlife and Macro Photography and as a result travel extensively.

On a recent trip to the Falkland Islands, they documented sea birds that nest along the rugged coastline. Capturing a variety of images by using focal lengths ranging from 14mm to 600mm, they showed the birds’ behavior and habitat.

For some of the shots they were required to employ creative techniques which would allow them to capture the desired shot.

One such technique was the “puppet technique”; this was “…a makeshift device involving a tripod and lots of string that gave us full control of the camera’s position in terms of angle and height. One of us could take the photos with a wireless remote trigger and provide instructions for the puppet master (who wasn’t able to see the birds below)! It worked like a charm, and we were able to get a set of images that would have otherwise been impossible to achieve.”

Ever heard of Rockhoppers. These are “…the smallest and most common penguin species in the Falklands. Rockhoppers get their name because they move around by hopping with both feet together…”

“…Rockhoppers live in large colonies often mixed in with albatross or imperial shags. They are noisy and quarrelsome little creatures but their comical antics and inquisitive personalities make them very endearing and they soon became our favorite animal of the trip!”

These pictures taken by the brothes of rockhoppers are superb: They captured an awesome shot of rockhopper penguins “…showering under a freshwater spring.” These photos in particular are truly wonderful.

Whether it’s a playful elephant seal pup in a rockpool or a beautiful white-tufted grebe; the photos of William & Matthew Burrard-Lucas are especially splendid. Visit the site and see for yourself.

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